About us

At Converged Energy, we believe in thinking differently about energy solutions for Retail Energy Providers.

Narrowly-focused energy solutions are incomplete. They miss out on the exponentially larger opportunities that exist when energy solutions are addressed holistically.

We deliver a simple, intuitive, cloud-based platform that delivers a complete solution.

Our Approach

The core team has been delivering technology and software solutions to the energy industry since 1999.

Our expertise encompasses NYISO, PJM, ERCOT, MISO and ISO-NE markets.

The Platform was built from the ground up with the goal of supporting all deregulated energy markets. This allows us to quickly enter new markets when the opportunity exists.

The Platform is built on tried and true technology. We typically update the platform monthly with new features, requests and patches.

What do we do?


A proven and scalable enterprise-class cloud platform.

Cloud Platform

No software to install or maintain, we ensure that our Platform is ready.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

The Platform was designed to be utilized anywhere on any device.


On-line or on-premise training.

Platform Customizations

Our team can add custom reports, analytics and data interfaces to our platform.

Customer service

Knowledgeable, real people available when you need it.