Platform Overview

A proven and scalable enterprise-class cloud platform
for retail energy suppliers and energy service providers
with no compromises.


  1. Pricing Desk - Quickly and accurately provide price offers and contracts to your salespeople and brokers.
  2. Brokers and Commissions - Simplified commission calculations and reporting.
  3. Sales Management - Real-time sales analytics helping drive new sales and support your existing customers.


  1. Forecasting - Detailed and accurate forecasting of electric and natural gas loads.
  2. Customer Information System - Manage and track your customers, products, contracts and documents
  3. Advanced Billing - Full-featured, dynamic electric and natural gas billing engine, with automatic processing of all EDI.

Retail Analytics

  1. Executive Dashboard - Key Performance Indicators for the Executive.
  2. ETRM - Energy Trading and Risk Management tailored to the needs of electric and natural gas retail energy suppliers.
  3. Portfolio Valuation - Automatic, daily, accurate portfolio valuations.

Distributed Energy

  1. Demand Response - Multi-market demand response management.
  2. Internet of Things for Energy - An IoT solution specifically designed for energy service providers providing Energy Data as a Service.

The platform is a subscription based cloud software with no servers to maintain.

Enterprise Class

Proven, scalable enterprise class software. Stop running your business on a spreadsheet.

Any Device

Log in using a standard browser on your desktop, tablet or phone. You choose the place and device.

Role Based

Provide only the functionality that is required by every role in your organization.

The platform for all devices

The platform dynamically and seamlessly works on multiple devices, screen sizes and orientations, all from the same code base.

Work from the office on your Desktop. Work from home on your tablet, Work from the road on your phone. You choose the device and the Converged Energy Platform supports it.

What do we do?


Proven, scalable enterprise-class cloud platform.

Cloud Platform

No software or servers to install or maintain.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Designed to be utilized anywhere on any device.


On-line or on-premise training.

Platform Customizations

Our team can add custom reports, analytics and data interfaces.

Customer service

Knowledgeable, real people available when you need it.