Brokers and Commissions

Brokers and Commissions

Our Broker and Commissions app provides a suite of advanced broker and commission tools for Retail Energy Providers.

The app automatically calculates broker and sales rep commissions due based on the contractual details and the current bill usage. The app tracks commissions at a detail level, easily allowing for complex cancel-rebill situation to calculate accurate commissions.

Brokers and Sales Reps can log into the portal to enter price request, get pricing details, view their prospects and if the Retail Energy Provider desires view the commission reports.



Automatically calculate broker and sales rep commissions.

Broker / Sales Rep Portal

Provide portal for pricing requests, prospect mgmt. and more.

Accounting Integration

Send approved commission transactions to your AP/GL system for payment.


Generate detailed commission reports for each broker and sales rep.

Cash Receipt Aware

Only pay brokers and sales reps customer commissions when you get paid.


Prepay your brokers or sales reps while keeping a rolling balance and true-ups.