ETRM - Energy Trading and Risk Management


Our ETRM app has been optimized for use by electric and natural gas Retail Energy Providers.

Deal Capture is quick and easy. Requirements are updated automatically after a Forecasting refresh or a deal is won in our Pricing Desk app.

Mark-to-Market and VaR are automatically updated everytime new market and forward data is available.


Deal Capture

Electric, Capacity, Natural Gas, Basis and more.

Position Management

Up-to-date positions by load zone, utility, ISO and interval type (5x16, 2x16, 7x8).


Forward curves, market prices, meter data, forecasts are all integrated automatically.

Credit Management

Up-to-date credit tracking and reporting.


Easily calculate and verify settlements.

Pricing Desk Integrated

As deals are won, requirements are automatically integrated.

Mark-to-Market and VaR

Mark-to-Market and VaR reporting by position and portfolio.


Automated daily refresh.


Production Month (BalMo), Prompt Month and Term Load position reoprting.