Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard is an ideal tool for CEOs, Presidents and Executives of Retail Energy Providers to quickly view their business metrics.

Most software solutions for the Retail Energy industry target specific functionality: Billing/EDI, Forecasting or Sales Management. While these solutions may work fine they lack the ability to provide a holistic view of the business because of their singular focus.

Converged Energy's Executive Dashboard brings together information to provide one holistic view of your business for the executive. View AR, UR, RCEs, Churn and much more in a simple and intuitive executive dashboard.


Cash and Credit

Up-to-date (AR) Accounts Receivable, (UR) Un-billed Revenue and borrowing base.

Sales Metrics

View Sales by Period, Market, Utility, Contract Type, Customer Type and more.

Customer Metrics

View (RCE) Residential Customer Equivalents, Churn rates and more.

Estimated Book Value

Quick view of your estimated book value.

Metric Trending

Better understand your business's direction by viewing metric trends over time.

Prospect Metrics

View your sales pipeline, close ratios and more.