Our Forecasting app is an ideal tool for Retail Energy Providers to reliably and accurately forecast future short and long term electric and natural gas requirements.

The app automatically refreshes the forecast every night utilizing updated customer (add, drops, contract updates), meter readings, weather and other data.

Hourly forecasts are generated by meter, allowing granular and aggregated views. Additionally, daily expected costs by meter can be calculated and refreshed with every forecast.

Understand your forward energy requirements by market, zone, utility, month and block.



NYISO, ERCOT, PJM, Miso and Others.

Short and Long Term Forecasts

Accurately predict hourly usages for planning and scheduling.

Load Profiles and TOU

Utilize utility supplied load profiles or TOU by meter.

Electric and Natural Gas

One tool both commodities.

Forecasting Error Analysis

Compare forecasts, back-casts and actuals to identify errors and enhance the model.

Costing and Requirements

Automatically generate expected costs and position requirements.