Internet of Things for Energy

IoT for Energy

The Internet of Things for Energy, Meter Data Management or Data Collection - no matter what you call it, we collect data from your energy related assets in the field.

Our solution uses one and two way communications with devices, gateways, meters, pulses, Modbus, sensors, IDR, EDI and much more to provide a single repository for all your different energy asset data.

Unlike other IoT solutions, our solution is specifically designed for energy. Meter data is analyzed and corrected with our VEE - Validation, Editing and Estimation engine. In addition to devices and meters in the field, meter readings and interval data (IDR) can be pulled from utility portals, MV-90 and EDI.

IoT for Energy can be utilized in conjunction with our other Distributed Energy apps or standalone providing Energy Data as a Service.


Internet of Things

Built on the Internet of Things (IoT), optimized for energy.

Revenue Grade

Our Validation, Editing and Estimation engine delivers Revenue Grade data.

Field Service Integration

If a problem occurs in the field, automatically dispatch Field Service personnel.


Built to scale to millions of devices.

Real-Time Status

Know the current status of your metering assets.

Ready for the Future

Easily supports current and future devices and protocols.