Portfolio Valuation

Portfolio Valuation

The Portfolio Valuation app automatically values your electric and natural gas portfolio daily. Providing timely metrics into the value of your book or quanitiing the details of your borrow base.

Accurate valuations require the ability to bring together large amounts of detailed information, from multiple sources.

  • EDI
  • Customer Information
  • Forecasting
  • Forward Curves
  • Calculate forward costs to serve
  • ETRM - Mark to Market


EDI Integrated

Utilizes EDI data, so you know customer information is timely and accurate.

Normalized Usage

Accurate term forecasts based on load profiles and interval data.

Forward Curves

Intregrated with industry standard or custom forward energy and capacity curves.

Detailed Cost to Serve

Every location is different, assign cost compnents by utility account.


Calculate and display monthly expected revenue down to the account level.

ETRM Intergration

Forward Gross Profit + Mark to Market = Portfolio Valuation