Pricing Desk

Pricing Desk

Our Pricing Desk app enables Retail Energy Providers the ability to quickly and accurately price electric and natural gas accounts.

The role based app provides any where access to salespeople and brokers allowing quick and easy price requests submissions and status.

In most cases, the app automatically gathers account and usage information and automatically prices the opportunity. Depending on your work flow, the app can distribute the price and contract details to the requester or wait for the Pricing Desk Administrator to approve the price and then distribute.



NYISO, ERCOT, PJM, Miso and Others.

Automated Account Info

The platform automatically pulls Account details and HUD for quick and accurate pricing.


Let your salespeople and brokers price opportunities in real-time.

Matrix Pricing

Automatically create daily or weekly price matrices and distribute them to your sales force.

Portfolio Pricing

Price individual or groups of prospects in minutes with pricing documents and contracts.

Work-flow Management

Easily customize your request, price, approval and distribution processes.